SPC Accessories


SPC Accessories

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring is a preferred option for both residential and commercial settings because of its toughness, waterproofness, and simplicity of installation. Not all flooring involves covering your floor in your favourite flooring materials. Yet, flooring will always have open edges that need to be covered, sharp edges that need to be smoothed, joints that link two nearby floors, and more. SPC flooring accessories are essential for a flawless installation and a completed appearance. To get the best results, it's critical to select premium accessories made especially for SPC flooring.

For years, Creative Vision has been Dubai's most dependable source for flooring accessories. Our products are distinguished by features including using eco-friendly materials, having excellent deformation resistance, being resistant to wear and tear, being fireproof and waterproof, and being available in the exact colour, texture and look of SPC flooring. Our range of flooring accessories includes SPC skirting, SPC end cap, SPC T-Molding and SPC quarter round.

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